Things to Do in the Peloponnese


Argolida and the Peloponnese offer a great variety of things to do, sunbathe on the beach, try watersports or be adventurous and go rock climbing!

Tolo Yacht Rental


Treat yourselves to a private, skippered trip around the Argolic Gulf from Tolo on our luxury yacht. See the untouched coastline stop at some of the small coves and swim, gaze at the open sea.


Tolo Sailing Boat Rental
Sail in Tolo Bay
Ride a bike in Tolo
Cycling in Argolida
Explore & Stay Fit


The Argolida offers a beautiful landscape with great view and interesting villages. A short ride with a bicycle in and around Tolo is ideal to ease you mind or exlpore the surrounding area and get to places that a car couldn't.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Cooking Lessons

Interested in learning more about Greek and Mediterraenean cuisine from authentic Greek housewives? Get to know some of your favourite recipes from Greece or local recipes from Tolo and the Argolida.

Authentic Greek Cuisine Lessons
Authentic Greek Cuisine
Hike in the Greek Countryside
Hiking Trails in Tolo
Meet Nature in Greece


Take a walk around the village of Tolo or go hiking on a hill or a trail in the area. The Argolida is full of mountains so groups often get together to explore the Greek countryside and admire the scenery.

Popular Greek Islands

Tolo Cruises

Cruises departing from Tolo harbour are available during the summer months. Go on a one day cruise and experience a different side of Greece, visiting islands such as Poros, Hydra or Spetses.

Summer Cruises from Tolo
Visit Greek Islands
Scuba Diving in Tolo and the Surrounding Area
Explore the Sea
Explore the Ocean Floor

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Tolo is available, on the beach or at a number of different locations. Explore the sea, reach the depths and enjoy the wonderful clear waters of Tolo. Have lessons or become a certified diver in Tolo.

Traditonal Greek Products

Ouzo Tasting

Go on a tour of an Ouzo distillery in Nafplio and see the whole proccess first hand. Taste the famous Greek spirit "Ouzo" and other locally made liqueurs.

Taste Locally made Ouzo
Ouzo Tasting & Tour
Rock Climbing in Nafplio
Rock Climbing in Argolida
Argolida Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Argolida is popular, with places and spots around the county. Many locations offer lessons while others are set up and ready for enthusiasts to show up with hooks and cleats in place.

Extreme Sports Argolida

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is available close to Tolo in the area of Nea Kios. An incredible experience for beginners and experienced surfers alike where trained staff offer lessons and equipment.

Kite SUrfing Available in Nea Kios
Kite Surfing Nea Kios
Horse Riding in Nafplio
Horse Riding in Tolo
Explore on Horseback

Horse Riding

Horse riding in Argolida is an amazing experience for adults and children alike. People of all age groups can enjoy a ride through the Greek countryside or a ride through Tolo. Lessons for begginers are available.

Peloponnese Rafting in Lousios Gorge


If you're interested in a little adventure rafting is available in the area. Located at the centre of the Peloponnese in the Lousios gorge, a popular destination for sports and nature enthusiasts.

Rafting in Central Peloponnese
Rafting in Greece
4x4 Drives Peloponnese
4x4 in the Greek countryside

4 x 4

The Peloponnese and Argolida offer a great landscape for 4x4 drives. Enjoy the scenery and see the Greek countryside from a different perspective!

World Famous Wine

Wine Tasting in Nemea

Nemean wine is known worldwide as its reputation succeds it since ancient times. Visit one or more of the wineries in the area and take a guided tour from the cellars to the vineyards themselves.

Nemean Wine Tasting
Learn More About Beekeeping in Nafplio
Beekeeping in Argolida
Authentic Greek Honey


Spend a day with and experienced beekeeper, and learn about bees and all the products made from honey, royal jelly and beeswax. Also try the incredible honey made in the area.