Beaches close to Tolo

Beaches in Argolida

There are many beaches in Argolida and the area around Tolo is filled with wonderful clean beaches of pebble or sand. Enjoy the Sandy beach in Tolo or explore what the place has to offer by trying a different spot every day!

Tolo Beach
Sandy Beach Tolo

Tolo Beach

The beach in Tolo stretches as long as the village itself ending in Tolo harbour. A sandy beach perfect for families and kids with space for toys and a popular spot for the summer.

Beach under a Castle

Kastraki Beach

Located under the archaeological site of Ancient Asini, Kastraki beach is a small cove with a fantastic view at the end of Tolo. Enjoy some peace and quiet in a beach equipped with umbrellas and a taverna to cater to your needs.

Kastraki Beach Tolo
Plaka Beach Drepano
Long, Quiet, Pebble Beach

Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach is a long, pebble beach found in the village of Drepano. Above it and across a small road a selection of tavernas, bars and cafés for an entertaining day at the beach.

Nafplio Town Beach

Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia beach in Nafplio is favoured by the locals cause it's so close to the town. A built plastform houses a beach bar-restaurant is there for all your needs.

Arvanitia Beach Nafplio
Vivari Beach Taverna
Fish Tavernas on the Beach

Vivari Beach

The beach in Vivari, Argolida is a quiet beach chosen for it's clear waters and the many fresh fish tavernas along the coast. Further down the beach splits in to small coves like little private beaches.

Beach Bars in Argolida

Kantia Beach

The beach in Kandia is ideal for a family day at the beach with some bars and cafés offering, cold drinks, beverages and snacks. Kandia is also popular to younger crowds for some of the beach bars.

Kandia Beach Bar
Kondyli Beach Bar
Agios Nikolaos
Beaches near Tolo

Kondyli Beach

Kondyli is a sandy beach popular among younger people due to a famous beach bar-café. The light-coloured sand and the clear water offer an amazing and relaxing experience.

Sandy, Relaxing Beach

Iria Beach

Iria is a village not that far from Tolo and its beach is quiet and relaxing place. Iria beach is wide and with crystal waters it is ideal for a peaceful day at the beach.

Argolida Beaches Iria
Karathona Nafplio Beach Bar
Popular beaches in Argolida

Karathona Beach

Karathona is a sandy beach and a popular spot for locals and visitor, cause of its wide and sandy shore. The beach is equipped with a few beach bars to cater to your needs with snacks, drinks and coffees.